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James and Emma Black grew up together in the country, just outside the small town of Heathcote, Victoria.

From the age of three, both discovered a passion for music and singing, a love that had been passed down through multitudes of generations. 

Within the very noisy household, James (Jimmy) flourished with the strings of a guitar and sang everywhere he went. He added percussion and piano to his repertoire and seemed to have an unbelievable knack to listen to a piece of music once and then be able to play it. His love and passion for the guitar made them inseparable and he now has a vast collection.

Emma (Em) was very devoted to the voice and it became her number one instrument, honing it and perfecting it to the best of her abilities. She undertook tuition from several different contemporary vocal coaches, as well as violin for four years in school and was taught basic piano skills, taking her skills from there. For her twenty-first birthday, she received an alto saxophone and continues to practice.

Both became part of the Bendigo blues band, Trouble in Mind in 2013, touring locally and through the surrounding areas. Em was the lead singer and Jimmy the lead guitarist, though both lent their musical skills to other areas of the band. In 2015, the band went their separate ways and the siblings decided to combine their talents, creating beautiful harmonies with astoundingly matched genetic voices and a distinguished power in the art of performance. With their voices combined, they went on to create Pure Black.

Now, they join forces again, as lead singer and drummer, respectively, in the 8-piece soul, funk and disco hybrid, Em Black and the Big Bads. Be sure to check them out!

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